Extend E-Ticket Validity Period

Passolig Banner 386X400 Ebilet EN 1 Extend the validity of your Passolig Card E-Ticket, and take your place at the stadium!

In accordance with the Law No. 6222 on the Prevention of Violence and Disorder in Sports, electronic cards are mandatory for entering Super League and PTT First League matches. You can purchase game tickets and enter the stadiums by paying the Annual E-Ticket Usage Fee of your Passolig Card.

You can continue buying match tickets and right of access to the stadium at the new season by extending your Passolig Card's Yearly E-Ticket Lifetime. You may extend the use of the E-Ticket of your Passolig Card Immediately by using your Passolig Card or another credit card; or in cash at the nearest N Kolay center. Please click here to find out the nearest N Kolay center.

Please click to extend E-Ticket validity period.

Extend E-Ticket Validity Period


E-Ticket Usage Time of the Passolig Card(s) are set out below.

You can continue your transaction by selecting Passolig Card which you want to extend E-Ticket Usage Time.

Passolig Debit Kartı Passolig Kredi Kartı
E-Ticket Annual Usage Fee
E-Ticket Validity Period
Passolig Debit Kartı Passolig Kredi Kartı
Your Passolig card will not be valid in 2015-2016 football season. tıklayınız Click to apply for a new Passolig card.