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I come from abroad. How may i go to a football game?

1. Go to www.passolig.com.tr on your web browser, mobile phone or tablet device.

2. Apply for a Passolig Card with your Passport details.

3. Select the stadium at which you want to receive your card.

4. Complete your application.


You can go to the match even if your card is not delivered until then.


1. Go to www.passo.com.tr now to purchase your tickets.

2. Enter password.

3. If you are not a member yet, click the button "Become a Member".

4. Select the match you want to purchase tickets for.

5. Click the button "Purchase".

6. Select the stand and block. Select the number of tickets!

7. Select your seat!

8. Pay with your Passolig Card!


Transaction complete! It's just that easy to purchase tickets now!

There is now only one thing to do to secure your place at the stadium.

Get your card at the stadium ticket office!

You can get your one-time PASS at the stadium box office if you haven't received your card yet.